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News Line Article February 2008

We have completed the Holiday Season and we certainly had a “white Christmas”.  We continue to have “white weather”.  One may easily begin to ask, “When is this cold and snow going to end?”  I would believe that our snow plow drivers are ready for the “white stuff” to stop falling.  Last night on the news I heard that we can expect 3 more storms in the next 7 days.  Hopefully by the time this article is published we will be experiencing some sunny days.  With the winter we have had thus far the spring run off may be interesting.

 While we are experiencing so much snow is it prudent that some winter driving reminders are mentioned:

  •         Realize that with winter road conditions it will take you longer to get to your  destination.  Plan accordingly;
  •         Due to the road conditions, you should reduce your speed (it will take longer to stop on snow pack or ice than on dry asphalt, now matter the braking system in your vehicle):
  •         You must clear your windshield off completely (We do issue traffic citations for “obstructed view”).  Clearing off a small square directly in front of the driver is NOT sufficient (you have no “side” or peripheral vision through the windshield.  You do not see totally what is in front of you or coming at you.  Your forward vision is extremely limited.  Your view is similar to a horse wearing “blinders”, except in this situation you cannot increase your field of view by turning your head because you cannot see out your total windshield);
  •         Speed too fast for the road conditions routinely causes “slid offs” and traffic collisions ;
  •         Remember that the posted speed limit is for optimum conditions (road conditions, weather conditions, visibility, etc.).  As these and other factors change from optimum (perfect) conditions, our speed should reduce correspondingly.
  •         Please be patient drivers and help us keep our communities safe.

 - Kip Botkin, Chief of Police