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News Line Article For May, 2008

Spring is quickly approaching (hopefully) and many of us are ready for it to get here and move out of winter and the cooler and/or colder temperatures.  Spring brings many changes.  As summer approaches and school dismisses our workload takes on some different perspectives.  The newsline article is always a good method of passing information along to our citizens.   In that vein the following items are ones that are currently taking a large number of police resources to address:

  •         Vehicle Burglaries - You may have recently seen in the local newspaper an article concerning an increased number of burglaries committed by stealing items from vehicles.  This is true.  The vast majority of these have been solved in that the responsible person(s) have been charged or are in the process of being charged with the crimes and we have recovered much stolen property.  Almost every incident involved removing items from vehicles which were not locked.  The offender(s) simply walked along given streets and tried each vehicle parked on the street or in a driveway.   Finding vehicles that were unlocked, the offender(s) simply entered and canvassed the interior for items of value.  In several vehicles the garage door opener was in the vehicle allowing the garage door to be opened and some items were taken from garages after gaining access.  These burglaries normally occurred between approximately midnight and 3am to 4am.  Please lock your car no matter how “safe” you consider your neighborhood.
  •         ATVs or OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles) become an issue as the weather warms.  Unauthorized (any vehicle not a city or Public Safety District vehicle) ATVs and OHVs are not allowed on any city trail or on city open space (parks, detention basins, etc.).  It is not required that the property be posted any more than a speed limit sign needs to be located in every block of a roadway.  One area of constant concern is in the northwest portion of Highland City.  This is specifically in the areas around the Beacons Hills development, the Twin Bridges area and, that area in the northern area where Highland City and Alpine City share a common boundary.  We understand and know that for many years this is an area where persons rode horses, ATVs, dirt bikes, sighted in rifles, and did much shooting, etc.  But those areas are now within a city limit (either Highland, Alpine or Draper) and are being developed and such activity is not allowed anymore in those areas.
  •         Please remember that there are leash laws in both our cities which require your dog to be on a leash anytime it is off your personally owned property.  Additionally, as a responsible pet owner and per city ordinance, it is your responsibility to clean up any droppings your animal deposits on another’s property (this includes city property, such as the trail system, parks, sidewalks, streets, etc.).  We have had concerns raised by others who use those trails, parks, etc. and have to deal with someone else’s pet’s droppings.
  •         We are dealing with an increasing problem of illegal dumping, specifically in the area known as “hog hollow”.  This is the area in the northwest area of Alpine’s city limits.  Much of this area has not been developed yet and contains many hills and depressions.  We are seeing an increased number of stripped vehicles, furniture, left over building materials and similar items dumped there instead of disposed of property.   Dumping such material in this (or any other area) is illegal.  The monies paid to mitigate these issues could much better be used in other areas of the City’s budget.  We are asking any of the residents of that area to notify us when observing these activities in progress.
  •         There has been an increase in incidences of “tagging” in our communities, as well as other parts of Utah County.  This is the practice or process of using spray paint of similar material to deface, destroy or injure property of another.  Commonly referred to as “graffiti”, this is also an illegal act for which we arrest and charge the individual(s) responsible whenever possible.  This act is charged as criminal mischief, destruction of private or public property, and often includes a charge of trespassing depending on the particular circumstances.  Again the resources used to address and correct this illegal act could better be used in other endeavors.

We police two great communities.  Our goal, as your police department, is to keep our communities as safe and enjoyable as possible.  To do so we need your help in being additional eyes and ears for us.  If, or when, you see any of these or other illegal activities occurring, please call Central Dispatch at either 343-4100 or 375-3601 and report it in order that we may do all that is possible to maintain the beauty and safety of our towns.