Highland | Clear, 37o


The year 2010 is quickly coming to an end.  For some the year may have passed by quickly, while for others it may have gone slowly.  Either way, we are coming to the end of the year and that means we are in the holiday season.  Certain reminders are generally helpful as we progress through the Fall season into Winter:

  •         Prepare your vehicle for winter driving (replace windshield wiper blades; make sure the heater and window defroster units are working properly; check the tread level on tires; check anti-freeze levels; and perform normal maintenance to assure proper operation)
  •         Remember that winter driving conditions often create lower visibility, longer stopping distances, window obstructions, slippery surfaces and the need to pay heightened attention to operation of the vehicle.
  •         No parking is allowed on public streets in both cities (Highland and Alpine) from December 1, through March 31 (of the following year) between 12:00 AM (midnight) and 8:00 AM AND anytime there is snow present.  This provides for the streets to be cleared of parked vehicles to allow for the removal of snow.
  •         It is not uncommon to have Christmas presents stolen from vehicles while the vehicle owner is engaged in Christmas shopping.  In order to help protect your purchases from theft, the following hints may prevent you from being a victim:
  •         If possible, place purchased items in the trunk of the vehicle where they will be out of sight;
  •         If it is not possible to place items in the trunk of the vehicle, keep them from plain view (cover purchased items with a blanket, jacket, clothing, etc.);
  •         Keep small expensive items you have purchased (such as jewelry, gift certificates, etc.) on your person as you continue to shop as opposed to leaving them in your vehicle;
  •         If possible, structure your shopping trip(s) so that larger hard to conceal items are purchased last in order that they are in your vehicle for the shortest amount of time.

The men and women of your Police Department, who proudly serve you, wish you the safest and happiest Holiday Season.

Kip Botkin,
Chief of Police