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Modern aspects of Municipal policing are varied and can often be complex.  One standard in policing any community is the necessity of help and assistance from the citizens.   Although necessary and used at every opportunity the odds or chance of random, preventative patrol catching an individual or group of individuals committing a crime are truly low.  When one considers the various duties of a uniformed patrol officer (responding to dispatches, taking reports, writing reports, conducting traffic enforcement, investigating traffic collisions, participating in safety programs at schools, required appearances in court, transporting inmates to and from the county jail, and a myriad of other duties and responsibilities) it can be understood that luck is a large factor in “catching someone in the act” of committing a crime against property or a crime against a person.  For these and other reasons it becomes imperative that members of the community assist in the reduction and prevention of crime in the community by becoming additional “eyes and ears” of  the local police agency.  Our communities are no different in this matter.  We truly need our citizens to help us protect them.


 So often when our officers are taking a report involving the theft of items from a vehicle, theft of construction material, criminal mischief, or a variety of other crimes, we hear the victim or a neighbor say something to the effect of, “I heard a strange noise in the night but didn’t call”.  Or, “My dog was barking but I didn’t look outside at the time”. Or any number of similar statements.  The point is that frequently during the initial phase of the investigation of a crime, someone informs police that they (the person) was aware of something “out of the ordinary” in the neighborhood BUT DID NOT REPORT IT AT THAT TIME, OR CALL POLICE TO ALLOW US TO INVESTIGATE AT THAT TIME. 


 Regardless of time of day (or night) when something unusual, out of the ordinary, suspicious, just doesn’t look right or causes you to think that something is “wrong” PLEASE CALL and report it as an “unusual circumstance”, “suspicious incident”, “this just doesn’t seem right or correct to me” or “something might be wrong here”.   Doing so will allow us the opportunity to investigate the incident and MAY VERY WELL PREVENT A CRIME OR INJURY TO SOMEONE OR SOMEONE’S PROPERTY.


 Telephonic emergency reporting (9-1-1) is governed by Utah State Law which states:  “Emergency” means a situation in which property or human life is in jeopardy and the prompt summoning of aid is essential to the prevention of human life or property.  If the circumstances warrant this to be an emergency under the above definition, using 9-1-1 is appropriate.  If the circumstances do not rise to this occasion dial 375-3601 (Central Dispatch direct) or 756-9800 (our business number which will forward you to Central Dispatch).


 The important thing is to report unusual circumstances in order that we may investigate them and better protect you and our communities.  NO call is too trivial for us to check out.  Please help us help you.