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Police Beat for 1/7/2013 - 1/6/2013

We had a total of 84 calls for service for the week. This is from 0000 hours on 01-21-13, until 2359 hours on 01-27-13.  Here is a list of the more serious incidents.
These calls do not include calls such as suspicious incidents, frauds, abandoned 911s, animal control and various other day to day incidents we respond on.
Monday 01/21/2013
An officer took a theft report from a citizen of Alpine.  The complainant advised he had jewelry stolen from his residence, but is unsure when it had occurred.  He advised it possibly could have happened within the last six months.  The officer documented all necessary information.  This case is currently under investigation.
Officers responded to an address in Alpine on a welfare check.  The complainant advised she was out of town and could not get a hold of her husband.  Officers attempted contact at the residence without success.  The complainant then asked that the officers make entrance into the residence.  The office were able to enter the residence using a garage code and were able to make contact with the husband inside.  After assuring the husband was okay, the officers cleared.
An officer was dispatched to assist a highland resident who had locked their keys in their vehicle.  The officer responded and was able to open the vehicle for the resident.
 Tuesday 01/22/2013
An officer took a delayed report of a theft from a Highland resident.  The complainant advised their grandchild had stolen jewelry and pawed it.  The officer was able to locate some of the jewelry.  This case is currently under investigation.
An officer was dispatched to meet with a Highland resident at the police station regarding a civil problem.  The officer arrived and found the issue dealt with a custody problem between the complainant and her ex-husband.  The officer advised he would document the incident, but the complainant would have to contact the court to resolve her issue as this was a civil issue and nothing criminal had occurred.
Wednesday 01/23/2013
An officer was dispatched on a suspicious work van parked in Highland Glen Park.  The officer made contact with the sole occupant of the van and found he was drinking alcohol.  Several open containers of beer were located in the vanBecause the driver was in control of the vehicle, Field Sobriety Tests were administered on the driver.  The driver did not show signs of impairment.  The driver was cited for criminal trespass, open container and public urination.  Because the driver had been drinking, the officer contacted the owner of the van to come pick it up.  The driver was released with a promise to appear on the citation.
An officer was dispatched to contact the complainant regarding a child abuse that occurred in Highland.  The officer made contact and found this had occurred between a child and his father.  The complainant was the child's mother who is the ex-wife of the suspect.  This case is currently under investigation.
Thursday 01/24/2013
An officer took a report of a runaway juvenile from Highland.  The officer gathered all information necessary.  An Attempt To Locate was put out for the juvenile.  Several follow-ups have been conducted.  This case remains active and follow-ups continue.
There were only 8 other calls on this date, 6 in Highland and 2 in Alpine.  All calls were minor in nature and required no follow-up or further investigation by police.
Friday 01/25/2013

An officer observed an individual known to have warrants outside a residence in Highland.  The officer attempted to make contact with the individual at which time the subject fled and entered the residence.  The officer made contact at the residence and was told the subject wasn't there by the homeowner.  The homeowner was removed from the residence for obstruction.  Officers entered the residence and took subject having warrants into custody for the warrants and failing to stop at the command of a police officer.  The warrant subject was transported to jail.  The homeowner was issued a citation and released due to two small children being present.
An officer took a report from a citizen of Alpine on a protective order violation.  The officer found a female had received a text message from a male in which she has a protective order against.  The officer visually confirmed the text message and phone number it was sent from.  The male was contacted at the same phone number and denied the claim.  A charge of violation of protective order will be forwarded to the prosecutor.
Saturday 01/26/2013
On this date there were 13 calls for service, 7 in Alpine and 6 in Highland.  These included 4 alarm calls, 4 suspicious calls, a motorist assist(keys locked in vehicle), a civil problem, a presentation, an animal call and an unsecured premise.  All calls were minor in nature and required no follow-up or police investigation.
Sunday 01/27/2013
An officer stop a vehicle in Highland for improper registration.  The driver was found to have an active warrant.  The officer was able to collect bail on the warrant.  The driver was issued a receipt for the bail amount.  The warrant was cleared out through dispatch.  The bail was then booked into evidence per departmental policy.
An officer observed a vehicle traveling in Alpine that was unable to maintain lane travel.  The officer initiated a stop and met with the driver.  The driver admitted to "facebooking" on his cell phone.  While speaking with the driver, the officer observed a bottle of alcohol in the vehicle.  The officer found the bottle of alcohol to be missing liquid.  Because of the lane travel and open container, the driver was administered Field Sobriety Tests.  The driver showed no signs of impairment.  The driver was issued a citation for open container and texting while driving and given a warning for failure to maintain lane travel.
An officer took a report of a harassment occurring in Highland.  An officer found several threatening text messages being sent to the victim.  This case is currently under investigation.
An officer stopped a vehicle in Highland for an equipment violation.  During the traffic stop, the officer found the driver had an expired drivers license and his vehicle had no insurance.  The vehicle was state tax impounded for no insurance and the driver was cited for all violations mentioned above.