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As a citizen or visitor of our communities, we want you to trust and count on your police personnel to be professional, compassionate, fair and equitable in their enforcement and services provided to you. In an effort to assure our officers are of the highest caliber, we provide each of you the opportunity to share any compliments or concerns you may have about police personnel, and or the service provided to you.

As a department we cannot celebrate our accomplishments or address our downfalls without your help.


To share a positive thought regarding an interaction with any of our police personnel please click the appropriate tab to the right and share your thoughts.

To address a concern please complete the form to the bottom right, print it out and bring it into the police department. Your concern will be assigned to a supervising investigator and addressed immediately. Each complaint is addressed and if found to have merit, dealt with in a matter which ultimately assists us in improving our response and service to our communities.


As a department we continually strive to foster public trust by providing excellence in our response and service to our communities,

We truly cannot do this without your input. 

Thank You

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