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Victim Advocate Services

  • Assist the Victim in filing a PO, Stalking injunction, etc.

  • Offer victim's information

  • Help find resources to assist them

  • Go to court and support the victim

  • Make phone calls to assist victim's

  • Help Victim's with a safety plan

  • Help Victim's find shelter

  • Notify Victim of suspects of jail release

  • Notify Victim of court dates of suspect

  • Notify Victim of what happened in court

  • Attend unexpected death's or suicide if needed by family or officer's

  • Assist Officer's and Detective's in helping the victim feel at ease during traumatizing events

  • Assist Officer's in death notification's

  • Assist Detectives during interviews to help put the victim at ease

  • Some advocates staff crisis hotlines, run support groups, work with county attorney's, provide training etc., work with children

  • Be a good listener!


If you need assistance call (801)756-9800

Cindy Bergman

If you need assistance with Evidence or Finger Prints, please contact Cindy by phone to schedule an appointment. (801)756-9800

Thanks! Message sent.

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